SwaagTV is a 24/7 LOCAL News and Entertainment Broadcast, Cable, and Streaming Television Station created to serve the 1.7 million African American population that represents 600,000 television households in Chicago.

SwaagTV will air on Broadcast, Cable, and the most popular Streaming platforms including ROKU, Apple, Android, Smart TV and our own Branded app.



     Every major ethnic group in Chicago can turn to a local television station to see entertainment, news, and personalities presented from their communities.  In Chicago, Hispanics have 7 television stations. The Polish, Korean, Asian, and Indian populations all have local television stations that serve their communities. 

With a population of 1.7 million...there has never been a LOCAL broadcast television station to serve Chicago’s large black population...

...until now with

the launch of

Chicago's First and Only

Local Black Broadcast,

Cable, and Streaming 

Television Station

Launching 2020

Local television is the most personal, persuasive, authoritative, and powerful form of television.

SwaagTV will serve as a voice for the Black community.  

We will bring balance and depth to the full range of stories and accomplishments that are part of the LOCAL African American experience. 

   We will speak to the local issues and values of the African American community in a manner that Entertains, Educates, and Encourages the audience. 


     SwaagTV programs target dynamic, high-growth, loyal consumers who find themselves marginalized to soundbites concerning sports, crime or irrelevant entertainment offered up from local “general market” television stations. 


  SwaagTV programs will celebrate the values, culture, and lifestyle of African Americans with News, Sitcoms, Dramas, Movies, Documentaries, Sports, and special programming.




SwaagTV Programs

SwaagTV has assembled a program lineup and has agreements with independent Black producers from Chicago and across America who are excited about the opportunity to air their shows on SwaagTV.  SwaagTV programs include every genre.


SwaagTV News-Chicago's 1st and Only  African American Daily Newscast

SwaagTV News will be “appointment television” for Chicago African American viewers.

SwaagTV will bring news programming to our viewers. News is very important to the African American population and the means by which we can have the greatest social and community impact. 


African Americans continue to voice their interest and need for television news coverage that addresses the issues, successes, and personalities of the community from an African American perspective.


Our flagship news program, SwaagTV News is the first Monday‐Friday half-hour “topical” LOCAL news program created for African‐Americans.


Each night, LOCAL hosts will be joined by newsmakers, educators, clergy, authors and civil rights leaders, to discuss their perspective on stories behind the headlines.


SwaagTV News will offer an honest interpretation of key issues and include divergent points of view.